A Series of Tuuuuuubes!

--=[Welcome! You must be lost!]=--

2023.02.19 Sometimes the computers find me, and being the kindly old dork that I am, I make it my mission to give them a nice place to retire. This new addition is an Otrona Attache from the early 80's, and it's quite the gem. Read about it here!
2023.01.08 Found some more fixable trash! It's pretty habit forming, to be honest, once you do it a few times and you get over that fear of people in the neighborhood judging you for rootin' through the rubbish, but hey, they throw out perfectly good junk, so...read on
2023.01.03 Happy New Year! So it begins. Slow going with the writing as of late, but that has more to do with me working two jobs now, and still trudging along on the Quest for Mental Stability, but as things get more refined here, I should pick up a bit of steam.
2022.12.05 Some parts of the site will be inaccessible for awhile due to a bit of restructuring. The "Ficions" section is being absorbed into another project I have going, which will be announced here when it is ready. Also, making a few minor tweaks to the overall structure to improve visual presentation on different devices. I personally hate reading blogs on my phone, but y'all are out there and I see you.
2022.12.04 First project post is up. Just a little computer cart that I have been working on in my free time. Read about the Game Cart here.
2022.11.16 Heyo, got a blog post up. It's a piece I wrote a few months back that didn't get published anywhere. Really more of a speculative barf session, but that's probably going be what a lot of my personal blog is going to be like.
2022.11.15 You can now see what I'm up to with AI image generation and the resulting inspirations I get from them. Go check out Fictions for some off-the-cuff story-generating fun!
2022.11.12 This thing is evolving a bit more organically than my previous attempt. Which is good. As each section goes live or has new content, I'll announce that here, as well as on the index pages for each section.
2022.11.01 Another blogspace? The Internet definitely needs more of those. Well, here's mine. For real this time. Don't expect things to work just yet.